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Construction Plans

Preconstruction Planning

A microgrid is part of the total electrical infrastructure. We will successfully integrate a DER (Distributed Energy Resource) into your existing or new electrical systems.  A DER could be a solar panel array, wind turbine or a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).

Architectural Modelling


Our team will sit down with you to discuss various options on the optimal plan to implement your microgrid into your existing or new facility. In some cases we may be able to replace existing electrical and HVAC systems.

Construction Site


Our contractor team will construct, build and commission your new microgrid into a viable working system. Options are available to fully finance your microgrid as an Energy as a Service.



We are the Microgrid Corporation. We have a team of experts that have designed, commissioned and constructed several Microgrids into services within the last year. We also have a teaming partner that will implement Energy as a Service which may fully finance your system.





Year Established

Projects Completed

Contractors Appointed

Awards Won



Register Today!

Join us March 7, 2024, 12 pm PST for our Microgrid Consortium information session on Biomass for Microgrids with Wendy Owens.


Join us for a session on airport lighting: sustainable resilient energy efficient lighting on Tue Feb 20, 2024, 6 am PST. What is new in the industry? Find out today. Can we send you an invite (Yes/No)? Live stream from Seattle Washington. Invite your colleagues!

Contact Information

Mike Brisbois

World Headquarters

Contact Information

Text us with any questions, concerns or comments.

Mike Brisbois


Is a Distributed Energy Resource like solar, wind and hydro which is decentralized source of electricity that may disconnect from the power utility grid.

Join our team today
Microgrid Technologies

We design, construct, maintain, build, commission, test, own, and finance microgrids using Energy as a Service using power purchase agreements; selling power back to the Utility. You get an energy efficient, resilient, sustainable (lower carbon emissions) microgrid at low or no cost CAPEX or OPEX for the life of the assets.

Our Microgrid Technology team includes:
Dennis Garrett, Equity in Energy Advocate

John Gentile, H2 Fuel Source Integrator
Bob Williams, Battery Energy Storage Systems
Mike Brisbois, Program Lead
Larry Adeyemi, Ph D, MEP sustainability

Clark Wiedetz, Energy as a Service

Pamela Hamblin, Distribution Transmission
Daniel Robles, Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Youcef Abdelli, Power Electronics

Mohammed Azzeem, Project Management
Dean Ralphs, Engineering

AJ Perkins, Data Security
Kirill Gritsenko, Commissioning
Mansoor Khan, Originator, Team Captain
Jeff Dowdell, PE Design
Jennifer Potter, Consulting
Jim Dodenoff, Community Solar

Michael Gulas, Design and Construction

Steve Turner, Utilities

Shamun Mahmod, Social Media

Phil Huerter, Laison

Greg Billington, Financial Modeling

Sam Salem, Business Development

Ding Han, Solutions Architect
Suresh Jambunathan, CHP specialist

Christopher Wallington, Hydogen
Julio Wilder, Electronic Engineer
Harry McGregor, Hydrogen

We would like to collaborate with your team. Several cryptocurrency projects in Eastern Washington, Texas and Oklahoma. Other projects we are working on is a 1000 MW solar, 500 MW geothermal and wind project. We are also designing a solar, battery energy storage, microgrid for a south San Francisco Municipality. Microsoft Data Centers have asked us to help them become diesel free by 2030.  Some of the projects we are working on are Energy as a Service where we build, construct, manage, finance, commission, test, supply, and own the asset. We met up with some of our teaming partners in Miami last month and looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas on April 21, 2023 for our live in person collaboration meeting. Join us Wednesday February 8, 2023 when we discuss Electric Ferries and Microgrids. We have projects we would like to get you involved in. This DER distributed energy resources (i.e., solar, wind, fuel cells, geothermal, battery Energy Storage systems) are in big demand. We are working with Doosan GridTech to provide our clients Utility Scale Energy backups. We need you on our team.

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